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We believe that intelligent, strategic design has the ability to inspire, connect and influence the world around us. That’s why our mission is to empower leaders, visionaries and change makers with smarter design, helping to create a more inspired and connected world, full of visionary brands. 

Because of this, we have made it our purpose to ensure that the organisations we work with are guided through a process that is void of assumptions and antiquated beliefs. Focussed on efficiency and effectiveness and achieving authentic, distinctive and enduring brands, each step is backed by evidence, supported by fact, restrained by craft and celebrated with real results. Your businesses success is embedded in our vision, we strive to build a smarter brand for your business so it can be inspired, connected, influential and empowered.

Process —
Backed by evidence. Celebrated with results.

To create authentic, distinctive and enduring brands it is critical to remove assumptions and guess work. For many years marketing and branding outcomes have been based on anecdotal knowledge and wisdom, making way for such assumptions and guess work. Labelled as ‘creativity’, these assumptions would often manifest into a disconnection from the vision and values of the organisation, usually leading to brands that lacked clarity and authenticity and were somewhat confusing in the eyes of their audience.

This didn’t sit well for us, so we set out to learn and understand evidence based branding principles and frameworks. This knowledge combined with a pragmatic, objective and empathetic mindset has given us the tools that allow us to understand all of the challenges and context behind every task. Deeply immersive and collaborative, our process gives us the opportunity to work closely with key stakeholders to identify and understand the ideology and beliefs that are at the core of the organisation. This unique and aligned point of view allows us to see the world through the lens of the organisation, enabling strategic clarity and insight that is closely aligned with the organisation’s strategic business goals and objectives.

Watching our clients engage in our process and become excited by what we achieve together inspires us to be more innovative, more efficient and more intelligent. Together, we create brands that are focussed on the ideology of the organisation, understand the behaviour of the market and are able to successfully navigate the competitive landscape. Put simply, our process allows the brands we develop to be smarter, in order for your business to be better.

People —
Strong culture. Optimal creative performance.

StudioBand® consists of a diverse group of highly talented graphic designers, creative professionals and strategic thinkers. We all embrace innovation and learning and strive to break down the silos of design disciplines and traditional and antiquated processes in the pursuit of more authentic, distinctive and enduring creative outcomes that are laser focussed on the client and end user. 

We know that strong culture is key to optimal creative performance. Harvesting a bottom up approach to culture, we empower our staff by encouraging autonomy, independence and ownership. This ensures each team member has the greatest opportunity to achieve personal goals and organisational objectives. Our process and environment is void of competitive barriers that hinder performance and lead to toxicity. We support and encourage creative and critical thinking that lead to honest, open and effective discussion. A democratic workplace, our focus is to enjoy what we do, in-turn increasing engagement and overall creative and organisational performance.

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  • AGDA Awards —

    Brand Expression — 2017
    Campaign — 2017 / 2018
    Corporate Identity — 2017 / 2018
    Digital — 2015 / 2016
    Environment — 2016
    Packaging — 2017 / 2018
    Poster — 2018
    Typography — 2016 / 2017

  • AWWWwards —

    Digital — 2015

  • Best Design Awards —

    Brand Communication — 2018
    Identity — 2018 (Bronze)
    Packaging — 2017 (Gold Pin) / 2018

  • Create Awards —

    Identity — 2013 / 2014
    Print Commercial — 2013 / 2014
    Signage — 2014

  • Eat Drink Design Awards —

    Identity — 2014

  • Type Directors Club NY —

    Typography — 2017


  • Victionary —

    Brandlife: Restaurants & Bars

  • Victionary —

    No Packaging No Life - Alcohol

  • Victionary —

    Palette Series: Iridescent

  • City Mag —

    A closer look at the new Coopers Alehouse at the airport

  • City Mag —

    Coopers’ heritage typeface resurrected for new Alehouses

  • The Advertiser —

    36 Short: a gold standard design for a golden spirit

  • The Design Kids —

    Studio Profile

  • Desktop Mag —

    2014 Roundup

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What our clients
have to say —

Rebecca Moore

Principal — Goolwa Secondary College

The establishment of the first public high school in Goolwa was an exciting opportunity to reimagine secondary education within a community that holds a deep respect for, and connection to, the past, but one which looks forward, with optimism and high expectations, to the future.

We wanted a brand that was innovative and contemporary; one which would challenge the status quo, speak of our passion for deep learning, and of our commitment to excellence for all. At the same time we wanted a brand that would acknowledge our deep respect for the land, for our Ngarrindjeri people, and for our community.

Studio Band approached us with a sense of curiosity, seeking firstly to truly understand our vision for the new school and our context. We saw in Chris the same commitment and passion for our vision as we had. The design process Chris led challenged us to clarify our thinking, be bold in our considerations, and have courage in our convictions. An authentic, distinctive and enduring brand that is our vision was the outcome.

Studio Band empowered us to realise new possibilities. We will continue to engage with Chris and the team into the future and would encourage others who seek better to do the same.

Greg Stirling

Chief Growth Officer — LVX Global

I have now worked with StudioBand on several key projects, notably St Hugo Wines Barossa Valley. I engaged StudioBand, whilst I was the national marketing manager at Pernod Ricard, to develop the brand home graphics, signage, wayfinding and venue livery and collateral. StudioBand was able to deliver the project vision well above expectations ensuring that the global positioning of the brand was embedded in the physical environment whilst aligning with the architectural vision.

Since working with Chris and his team at StudioBand®, we have now delivered multiple projects, all of outstanding quality, all achieving excellent results. As a result, our relationship has continued and will no doubt continue long into the future.

Alison Colbeck

Principal — Aldinga Payinthi College

Aldinga Payinthi College was designed to create a state-of-the-art facility in the local community. At its completion, it will house 1,675 students and 250 staff. With the daunting task of finding someone to develop a brand that aligned with the importance of the school as well as the architectural vision and educational pedagogy, Chris and StudioBand® felt the right candidate for the mammoth task, they didn’t disappoint.

Chris’ expertise and knowledge in the world of brand is second to none. His academic training and years of experience gave us the confidence that we would be able to develop a brand that aligned with the objective of the school and the needs and wants of the community. The strategic process that informed the creative process was seamless, reflective and enjoyable. As a result, what we assumed was going to be a daunting task ended up being a highly enjoyable one that lead to an excellent outcome that far exceeded expectations.

Alistair Brown

Principal — Adelaide Botanic High School

As a high profile start up school, I was looking for more than a school logo. Studio Band led us through a design process that developed our brand and brand narrative. This process has been invaluable and already Adelaide Botanic High School has a strong market presence. Our brand is embedded in everything we do or produce, and students/staff can clearly articulate it. The Studio Band team challenged us to think differently and were spot on with the end products.

Their influence sits across our collateral, uniform, communications but most importantly, really represents who we are and what we intend to be. I would fully recommend them to any school either rebranding or developing a new brand. Their creativity, professional approach and attention to detail will impress even the most hardened educator. They become your go to professional friends and continue to influence and refine our brand.