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Travel: Designer Filip Heads to Europe

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Last Christmas, our digital designer Filip escaped the summer heat for a taste of Europe’s wintry chill. From Swiss cheese tastings to opulent boulevards and cobblestone strolls across old towns, there’s no time for hibernation when you’re amidst a winter wonderland. 

After a 30-hour haul, A quick pit stop at Franzo’s informal cafe felt like a slice of Paris in the heart of Switzerland—a short train ride to the riverside Old Town of Lucerne led us to soak in the beauty of Lake Lucerne, inhaling Swiss chocolate and exploring every nook on foot!  

8th-century palaces, mediaeval places of worship and art displays at the Albertina, Vienna is a dream. Time was mostly spent with loved ones, lost among the 1 million visitors gathered at St Stephen’s Cathedral on NYE to ring in the new year! The ALBERTINA Museum hosted Jean-Michel Basquiat’s extraordinary oeuvre and showcased over 50 significant works! Seeing Basquait’s one-of-a-kind visual language was exceptional!

London called and jam-packed four huge days exploring the thriving metropolis. The contrast between historical sights, the grind of the city, London indeed does have it all. Fitzrovia proved to be an excellent base camp, with Carnaby Street and SOHO madness only a short stroll away. Core memories included watching Arsenal assert their dominance at the Emirates, decoding the underground during industrial strikes, and carefully selecting what street food to eat at Borough Markets!