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New Website Launched

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New Website Launched

Need help with your website?

After an enormous amount of planning, a ridiculous number of iterations and months of development, our new website is live. We rolled up our sleeves and went back to the drawing board on this project. We wanted to remove all assumptions so we looked at the site through the lens of our audience to understand what their needs and wants were, what they would want to achieve when visiting our website. The improvements are nuanced, they’re granular and detailed however, we believe they matter, especially to our users.

We have also decided to make a commitment to the website. We are not going to let the site simply sit there and hope that people will stumble across it. We are going to keep it updated, dynamic and active. We are going to bring the site to life so that we can keep you up to date, engaged and interested in what we are up to, what we have been creating and who we have been working with. Occasionally we will publish journal posts, regularly we will post new projects and sometimes we will make adjustments and improvements based on the data and response from your engagement.

We look forward to sharing stories, projects and updates with you. We look forward to making some mistakes, learning from these mistakes, evolving and growing this website and most importantly having some fun. Enjoy!


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