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StudioBand® Turns 10

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StudioBand® Turns 10

In July 2021 StudioBand® turned ten years old. Commencing operations armed with the knowledge of how to design yet almost no knowledge of how to run a business. To say it’s been a smooth ride would be a lie however, it has been a journey that has resulted in a huge amount of learning, an incredible amount of work, countless new friendships and most importantly, an understanding of who we are and why we do what we do.

We set out to do things the way we thought was right. The way we believed was more ethical, more efficient and more responsible for our discerning clients. We wanted to break down the traditional and antiquated way of being ‘creative’. We wanted to remove the guess work, remove ego and shift the focus away from self satisfaction. Eventually, we landed on a way of doing what we do that not only allows us to be far more effective for our clients, but it is also deeply aligned with our core values, meaning that what we do gives us purpose. And, when you have purpose you stay motivated, determined, passionate and enthusiastic. Often characteristics that deteriorate over time.

Moving forward ten years things are different. We are a bigger team, we work on bigger projects, we deal with bigger challenges yet, our beliefs and our core values are still the same. We may not have been able to articulate these beliefs or values ten years ago but they were the same driving force that keeps us going strong today. From a bootstrapped, fledgling micro size start up, to a sustainable, strategically focussed branding agency with a clear vision of what our future looks like. We are extremely proud of where we have been, where we are and where we are going.

Thank you to all the people that have been a part of this journey. Our wonderful clients, our staff, our families and friends. Thank you for being who you are and supporting us in what we do.