Brutally beautiful design.

Good design is bigger than the way it looks. It needs to communicate. To resonate. And only once it’s done these things does beauty come into play.

That’s why we take a brutal approach to the way that we design. An approach where what we do is shaped by what we don’t.

We don’t settle for not quite right. We don’t over-design or under-deliver. We offer creative solutions that are reached through intelligent understanding of the task at hand. Solutions that are beautiful but, first and foremost, effective.

We don’t aim to shock or strive for complexity. Here, form and function beat flourish and fads every day of the week. Each brief is an opportunity to further refine our craft. Each design, a chance to communicate even more clearly than the last.

We place as much value in the process as in the finished piece, which is why we’ll never rely on a big reveal. Our ideas hold their own weight and our designs work hard, because we work hard to create them.

We ask you to work hard too, right alongside us, every step of the way. We want to know what you know, because insight is our most powerful tool. It’s what makes a design honest, and honesty is timeless.

So now, when you see a beautiful design out of Studio Band, you’ll know it’s survived a brutal process inside first.

Branding Process

Good design or nothing. That’s what we believe.

Here, form and function are borne by intelligent understanding of the task at hand. It’s not about shock or complexity. It’s about honesty and refinement of our craft. We value every step of the process; that enables us to create timeless designs.

We get inside your head to really get inside your brand. We arm ourselves with all we need to know to move forward. And we know when to stop.

Because connection needn’t be complicated. Simple can be beautiful, when it’s done right.


A holistic approach.

Your brand is the sum of its parts. We make sure all those parts are saying the same thing. And we work out the best way to say it.

Each project we take on, we take on as a whole. We never work on elements in isolation. Everything has to fit.

Our process ensures consistency and cohesion. We cover all the elements that make your brand strong.


Before we get to work, we get to know you. We run a workshop to pick your brains so we can really understand where we’re taking your brand.

We define key objectives and goals, research your competition, and get to know your target market. Intimately.

We identify challenges, pinpoint salient issues and work out ways to fix them. Cleverly.

And then we invite you inside our head. A return brief outlines our proposed direction. A visual mood board lets you see what we see.


Right brain takes the reins. Here, we turn all we’ve learnt into a creative concept for your brand. And we’re not just talking logos. If an idea is to work, it works across the board. Letterheads. Signage. Business cards. Merchandise. Invoices. Emails. The lot. We pull it all together into a concept presentation – one that captivates the mind.


Suggestions for minor alterations? We’re listening.

And while we’re not particularly precious, the need for major revisions doesn’t usually arise. That’s because we’ve worked with you to get to this point. All teamwork and no guesswork means we don’t need to rely on a big reveal to take your breath away. Our work does that for itself. The emphasis is most definitely on the word, ‘our’.


Once we get a yes from you, we set out to contract suppliers. And if we seem a little too familiar, it’s because we probably are. We tend to engage people we’ve worked with before as they already know just how brutal we are.

We talk timelines. We talk money. And once that’s done, we shut up. Because the work does the rest of the talking for us.

Digital Process

It’s not all about you.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful a website looks. If it doesn’t function smoothly, it’s a failure, in our eyes. That’s why we don’t design for you — we design for your audience. We make your website easy to use. But, more than that, we make it enjoyable too.

And we ensure it doesn’t reach an expiry date. Flexible and modulated design allows content to remain fresh.


We get creative, but not on a whim. Concepts come about through research and user experience. They focus on structure and content. And then they’re applied across the home page and content page templates.


To get it right, we get brutal. And it’s your chance to get brutal too. Any feedback you have is addressed. Concepts clarified. Designs pushed.

We work up remaining templates and get sorted for steps four and five. Development.


Ideas no more. It’s time to get real, as your designs get done up for the web.

We start small — the smart phone — and then we scale it up. And up again. Different devices. Screen sizes. Modern-day browsers. We account for them all.


Design doesn’t stop at what you see. We take it behind the scenes too, customising your content management system and the administrative area of your site.

Getting It Out There

We double-check the design and development is consistent, no matter the browser or device. After that, up it goes. Your site is now live.

Making It Grow

Far from just sending your site into the wilds of the web, we nurture it and build on it. And we can make your audience grow. Popping up in inboxes, appearing in social feeds, featuring in search results. Your brand gets more exposure and your customer base gets more expansive. All you have to do is ask.


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