Good design is bigger than the way it looks. It needs to communicate. To resonate. And only once it’s done these things does beauty come into play.

That’s why we take a brutal approach to the way that we design. An approach where what we do is shaped by what we don’t.

We don’t settle for not quite right. We don’t over-design or under-deliver. We offer creative solutions that are reached through intelligent understanding of the task at hand. Solutions that are beautiful but, first and foremost, effective.

We don’t aim to shock or strive for complexity. Here, form and function beat flourish and fads every day of the week. Each brief is an opportunity to further refine our craft. Each design, a chance to communicate even more clearly than the last.

We place as much value in the process as in the finished piece, which is why we’ll never rely on a big reveal. Our ideas hold their own weight and our designs work hard, because we work hard to create them.

We ask you to work hard too, right alongside us, every step of the way. We want to know what you know, because insight is our most powerful tool. It’s what makes a design honest, and honesty is timeless.

So now, when you see a beautiful design out of Studio Band, you’ll know it’s survived a brutal process inside first.


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