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Aldinga Payinthi College —
Seek Beyond.

Project Detail

Activated and Thriving —

A project spanning 18 months and a relationship that continues, we were tasked with engaging and working with stakeholders across both government and private sectors including the Department for Education, TESA Consortium, Swanbury Penglase Architects, senior teaching staff, local community as well as future students and families.

Since this engagement, we have continued to offer graphic design and branding support across many areas such as signage and wayfinding, uniform design, merchandise, website design and development.

Visiting the school and seeing it activated and thriving, it is evident that the strength and clarity of the vision and the brand have allowed it to be successfully championed, not only by staff and students but also by the broader Aldinga community.

Highly successful across every stage of the process, StudioBand® is extremely proud and incredibly humbled to see the school's brand embraced by so many passionate and engaged staff, students, parents and members of the community.

Testimonial —

Aldinga Payinthi College was designed to create a state-of-the-art facility for the local community. At its completion, it will house 1,675 students and 250 staff. With the daunting task of finding someone to develop a brand that aligned with the importance of the school as well as the architectural vision and educational pedagogy, StudioBand® felt the right candidate for the mammoth task, they didn’t disappoint.

StudioBand's expertise and knowledge in the world of brand is second to none. Chris' academic training and years of experience gave us the confidence that we would be able to develop a brand that aligned with the objective of the school and the needs and wants of the community.

The strategic process that informed the creative process was seamless, reflective and enjoyable. As a result, what we assumed was going to be a daunting task ended up being a highly enjoyable one that lead to an excellent outcome that far exceeded expectations.

Alison Colbeck — Principal