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Goolwa Secondary College —
Realising New Possibilities. Wurru-walun paldangk.

Project Detail

Rebecca Moore Principal — Goolwa Secondary College

The establishment of the first public high school in Goolwa was an exciting opportunity to reimagine secondary education within a community that holds a deep respect for, and connection to, the past, but one which looks forward, with optimism and high expectations, to the future.

We wanted a brand that was innovative and contemporary; one which would challenge the status quo, speak of our passion for deep learning, and of our commitment to excellence for all. At the same time we wanted a brand that would acknowledge our deep respect for the land, for our Ngarrindjeri people, and for our community.

Studio Band approached us with a sense of curiosity, seeking firstly to truly understand our vision for the new school and our context. We saw in Chris the same commitment and passion for our vision as we had. The design process Chris led challenged us to clarify our thinking, be bold in our considerations, and have courage in our convictions. An authentic, distinctive and enduring brand that is our vision was the outcome.

Studio Band empowered us to realise new possibilities. We will continue to engage with Chris and the team into the future and would encourage others who seek better to do the same.