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StudioBand® is an award winning multi-disciplinary
design agency based in Adelaide, South Australia.

We harness the power of evidence-based design,
celebrate organisational purpose and drive
distinctiveness through craft.

We’re on a mission to connect purpose to brand
in-turn, developing brands that have meaning.

Key Projects —

Annesley Junior School —

Dare to Become

Kin —

Perfectly Wild

Becks —

Long Live Love

Technical Colleges —

Future Forward

Goolwa Secondary College —

Realising New Possibilities. Wurru-walun paldangk.

Oakridge Wines —

The Heart of the Yarra Valley

Aldinga Payinthi College —

Seek Beyond.

Purpose-driven Branding —

The brands that we develop are aligned with the core purpose of the organisation. This allows us to build future value in the brand, ensuring they are prepared today for tomorrow's world.

Awarded, experienced and accomplished in brand strategy, brand identity design, graphic design, packaging, signage, way finding, marketing and campaign. Our expertise and knowledge spans all disciplines of branding and graphic design.

Capable of delivering a full range of creative services across every stage of the process we are able to help businesses achieve their strategic vision and prepare for future growth.

Our Services

Evidence Based Graphic Design —

Empowering Business
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Removing the guesswork and assumptions is critical to creating successful brands. For many years marketing and branding has been based on anecdotal experiences, unsupported knowledge and ‘creative’. Ironically, the industry of the past has paid little attention to the consumer and their habits. As a business, we seek to change this.

By adopting and understanding evidence based principles and frameworks, developed based on data and science by industry leading academics, we are able to harness and drive smarter, strategic design, confidently developing brands that are focussed on the behaviour of the consumer and their needs and wants, in order to create brands that support long term objectives and help build future value and competitive advantage.

Decades of data, leading to scientific, evidence based practices and frameworks have given us the right tools to build brands that are quite simply, smarter.

It has long been known in the business world that strong brands are a key factor to building strong businesses. Having said this, brands are often challenging for business owners to work out, to clarify. They are intangible, they don’t necessarily appear on financial statements, they are even sometimes difficult to explain or articulate.

This is where we come in. By relying on the science, focussing on proven processes and strategies, we are able to clarify your brand in order for it to be understood clearly, by not only the business owners and stakeholders but also the consumers and your market.

Whether it be through strategy, the visual identity, brand narrative or execution, we know the importance of building your brand so that it is the right fit for you and your audience. So that it is smarter, so that it empowers your business to be better.

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