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Packaging Design

Smarter Packaging Design

At Studio Band, we value the importance of strategic product packaging design and know that it is a critical element to successfully delivering any product to your market.

That is why when launching or rebranding a product, a strategic approach is necessary to determine where your product fits within the competitive landscape and how you can capitalise on opportunities to be more distinct, visible and engaging.

By simply engaging a packaging design agency like StudioBand®, you will improve your competitiveness as we know that the majority of your competitors don’t value or invest in smarter or more strategic packaging design.

StudioBand® can not only help your product stand out in the retail environment, it can aid your visibility within your desired retail store environment, as we have done with many other companies and brands.  

Guarantee Engagement

We know, in a competitive retail environment, first impressions count. The vast majority of purchase decisions are made at the points of sale. 

Typically, contrary to a lot of ‘marketing wisdom’, consumers don’t actually care much about your brand. What they care about is making the purchasing process as easy and quick as possible in order to get on with their daily schedule and life.

In psychology, this is referred to as being a ‘cognitive miser’. We don’t tend to labour over solving problems such as purchasing decisions, in fact we seek out quick and adequate solutions to these problems.

When we enter a retail environment we look to solve our problems or purchasing a product with the path of least resistance, often quickly, without complication. We rarely, if ever, take our time and consider contrived brand stories or complex brand archetypes, much to the disappointment of the marketing team or agency that was responsible for such tactics.

What we do take note of, whether it be conscious or not, is the distinctiveness of the product and its brand. This is why we know that brand distinctiveness plays a critical role in the sale of a product as it is the key reminder for the consumer of how this product fits into their life.

As consumers walk past your products on the shelf, your brand or product has a split second to grab their attention, reach and penetrate their world.

There are also hundreds, if not thousands of factors that can influence this, ranging from the location of your product on the shelf to how easily distracted the consumer might be by the discounts they see on the opposing shelf.

In reality, there are probably many more factors preventing consumers from purchasing your product than there are positively aiding the process in your favour.

Smarter Packaging Design

StudioBand® has always been passionate about smarter packaging design. More broadly, we have always been passionate about creating smarter brands, brands that align with the long term vision of the organisation in order to endure and be more competitive over time.

Unlike many other design agencies or marketing companies, we don’t try to seduce consumers or rely on tricks in an attempt to convince them into a transaction. In fact, we know that this is often the quickest path to failure.

Through strategic process, evidence based knowledge of consumer behaviour and an academic understanding of effective marketing and brand management, we are able to adopt frameworks and principals that we know influence the best possible outcome to ensure your product will be optimised for long term success.

We capitalise on distinct colours, fonts, textures and images to form the distinctive asset palette. Combined they are effective resources to ensure your product will stand apart from the competition and engage the consumer.

At Studio Band, our mission is to empower leaders, visionaries and change makers with visionary brands, powered by smarter design, ready for tomorrow’s world.

This means we have the ability to ensure visibility of your product so that it reaches your market with clarity and distinctiveness increasing engagement and enabling your vision.

We not only study the needs of the consumer, we also seek to understand the competitive landscape to help drive distinctiveness and create brands that stand out, regardless of trends and fads.

This will ensure your brand will endure, last the test of time in order to allow for consistency over time leading to more consistent penetration and in-turn growth.

How StudioBand® Can Help with Your Packaging Design

Stand Out Amongst Competition

Basically, our product packaging design service will help your product to stand out from the competition. We ensure this by gaining insights into the competitive landscape and determining where and how we can be distinct. We know that distinctiveness is critical to standing out and being remembered. Focussing on this will ensure that your brand will have packaging appeal and will assist in engaging new customers.

Increase Mental Availability and Ultimately, Sales

By focussing on smarter design and creating a distinct brand we can ensure your product will be more visible leading to increased engagement at the time of purchase, helping to increase sales.

Research suggests that growth doesn’t come from focussing on existing customers, it comes from focussing our attention on non existing customers. By building mental availability and ensuring your packaging design is distinct, it will increase the chances of your product being purchased leading to increased sales.

Align with your Vision

We know that distinctiveness is critical to the success of a brand. The way we ensure distinctiveness is by ensuring that we are informed and aligned with your vision.

Much like personalities, no two visions are the same. So, if we allow your vision to inform the brand and creative, then it is highly likely that your brand and product packaging will be distinct.


StudioBand® is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary design agency specialising in brand strategy, graphic design and website design.

We specialise in brand strategy, brand identity design, graphic design, packaging design, signage, way finding, marketing and campaign. Our expertise and knowledge spans all disciplines of branding and graphic design. Our in-house specialist product packaging designers have had great success designing award winning packaging outcomes for many existing iconic South Australian brands.

Stand Out Amongst Competition

With a great deal of experience across all areas of packaging design, including but not limited to, label design, sustainable design, production management and production procurement we are able to not only design an outcome that will align with your vision we can also ensure it is completed on time and on budget.

Whether it be designing packaging and labels for beverage packaging, wraps for food products or containers, we are able to create highly distinct and memorable outcomes for any industry.

Based out of our Adelaide office, ​​we have helped many local brands penetrate national and international markets.

Global Outlook and Understanding of International Markets

Working with many international brands, we have helped create successful packaging outcomes that helps distinguish them amongst their competition across many different industries and markets.

We know that packaging can play a crucial role in product marketing. It is often the first point of contact between a customer and a product.

A well-designed product and its packaging can communicate the product’s features and benefits, build brand visibility and recognition, and in some instances, help create a memorable experience for the consumer.

We know that the packaging is often the first point of contact between the consumer and a brand or product. Therefore, when considering the packaging and its purpose, we analyse the consumer’s needs and wants in order to design packaging that suits. 

By engaging stakeholders through a rigorous process, from the strategy to concept design to design development and production, all critical factors, that are based on research and evidence, are considered when achieving creative, original and functional product packaging outcomes. 

If you are requiring an award winning, experienced packaging designer to help create unique and custom packaging design that aligns with your organisation’s vision whilst being competitive and aid in future value and cash flows, we would love to discuss with you further.

Our Packaging Design Process

Stage One — Strategy

Understanding the Landscape

We get to know your organisation and industry from the ground up. From the values and vision through to the people who make up the company. We research and analyse the company’s landscape to seek insights, determine gaps and understand key factors that enable us to develop strategy that is effective, accurate and powerful.

Internal analysis

  • Immersion Workshop
  • Vision and values analysis
  • Distinctive asset analysis
  • Touch point analysis

Strategy Development

  • Brand / value drivers
  • Brand pillars
  • Mood board


Stage Two — Concept

Visualising the Strategy

The development of the concept becomes a natural evolution to the strategy. We consider the key strategic insights and develop a clear visual direction based on this. The outcome is void of any surprises or arbitrary assumptions and seeks to connect and engage with your audience.

Concept Development

  • Conceptual exploration
  • Internal review
  • Iteration
  • Creative direction
  • Design direction

Concept Design

  • Brand narrative and language
  • Value statement and tagline
  • Distinctive asset creation
  • Concept modelling and rendering
  • Presentation

Stage Three — Execute

Driving your brand to achieve success.

Consistency is key, this is where we excel. Our ability to execute the brand strategy with discipline and laser focus on the objectives is difficult to match. Our team are highly skilled and knowledgeable across every touch point and channel. They are efficient and responsive meaning that you gain the most out of your investment whilst achieving brand excellence leading to greater penetration across all touch points.


  • Workflow management
  • Task management


  • Production procurement
  • Production management
  • Quality control

Content Creation

  • Digital and website content
  • Social media content

Design & Art Direction

  • Campaign design
  • Digital design
  • Photography and video

Brand Design

  • Brand asset design
  • Brand execution
  • Print and marketing collateral

Why Engage Studio Band to Assist with your Packaging Design?

We seek to align your brand with your vision —

Through intelligent design principles and evidenced based processes, we are able to connect your brand to the fundamental values and vision of you and your organisation. This means that your brand is not only authentically aligned with you but it is also more unique and more distinct in the eyes of your customer, and we know that distinctiveness is key to long term brand growth and improved competitiveness within your market.

Encouraging Line of Sight & Branded Culture —

We understand that brand advocacy is one of the most powerful marketing tools. Empowering your stakeholders and community with your brand’s vision and values is often one of the key drivers of loyalty and engagement. Knowing this, we ensure that we not only align your brand with the vision and values of your organisation but we also work to ensure that leadership have been a part of the decision making process and have informed the outcome, this way your brand becomes embedded within your organisation and encourages a greater line of sight.

Full Service, Highly Skilled, Highly Trained & Highly Knowledgeable —

Capable of delivering a full range of creative services across every stage of the process. From strategy, to concept to execution, our expertise and knowledge spans all disciplines of brand and design related needs and requirements. We are highly trained and experienced in every area of brand strategy, development and execution, this enables us to not only deliver outstanding results but it also increases efficiency and efficacy.

Advanced Leadership —

As a part of our long term strategy we saw the opportunity to invest in leadership training and development. Ranging from MBA degrees to Company Directors Courses to strategic growth and development seminars. StudioBand® has invested heavily in developing their leadership in order to diversify our skills and knowledge, increase organisational performance, achieve competitive advantage and superior results.

Smarter Packaging Outcomes that Lead to Future Cash Flows

At StudioBand®, we know that smart, intelligent and evidence based design and branding outcomes can have a direct impact on the value of your business. Research shows that the world’s highest performing brands generally outperform the market by more than 400%.

Contact us if you would like to discuss your next packaging project and see how we can assist your brand in becoming more competitive and ultimately, successful.